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Cefil Pool is a reinforced pvc membrane for the coating of swimming pools, made by Edicar Plasticos.

This reinforced membrane, also known as reinforced liner or “armed” membrane, consists of two thermally fused pvc layers, with a polyester mesh between them. It’s this mesh which gives the structure dimensional stability as well as tear resistance. The membrane has a thickness of 1.5mm.

A pvc membrane is the ideal coating for refurbishing as well as building of new pools thanks to its simple, low-cost and safe installation process.

Its surface is smooth, without sharp edges, which prevents scratches and possible injuries caused by detached ceramic tiles.

Cefil Pool has a wide range of colors, printings and embossments, which grants that our clients can always find the right choice for their projects. Our research and development department is constantly researching for new ideas.

Cefilpool, expertos en láminas de PVC para piscinas

Our reinforced membrane is manufactured under the exigent Norma Europea UNE EN 15836-2 standards. This strict manufacturing process allows us to provide a 10-year waterproof warranty.

During the last part of our manufacturing process, we apply a protective layer of our exclusive lacquer, which protects it from pollution, UV radiation and stains (sun lotions and oils).

Apart from this lacquer, all of our membranes are specially formulated including a protective agent preventing the appearance of micro-organism caused stains.

In conclusion: whether it is the wide range of designs, mechanical resistance, flexibility, durability or low-maintenance Cefil Pool is always a winning choice.

Cefilpool, expertos en láminas de PVC para piscinas
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