Cefil Pool anti-slip reinforced membrane

Three references of our catalogue (SPOT, TESELA, TERRA) have the highest grade (GROUP C) on anti-slip qualification, as a result got on the testing done according to the UNE EN 13451-1: Determination of non-slip properties. Inclined plane method with variable slope angle.

The test consists on a mobile ramp, with a continuous humid soil, containing a soapy solution, which increases the inclination continuously. Upon the ramp, a person with a harness and barefooted, walks as the inclinations increases gradually.

The definitive anti-slip value, will be the average of 8 measurements based on the moment that the person is not able to keep the balance.

The highest qualification for anti-slip membranes are those which get a limit angle of  > 24º.

Our SPOT membrane reaches, according to the mentioned standard, an angle of >35º, being impossible to continue with the testing until the real value of the maximum angle is obtained, in order to avoid falls of the person who performs the test.

All our TESELA materials, within the EXPERIENCE COLLECTION, independent of the colour chosen, present as well the highest grade on anti-slip resistance, being part of the GROUP C.

The newest embossing TERRA, within our NATURE COLLECTION, apart form the design and texture that simulates a natural beach sand, has been awarded with the highest-grade GROUP C, according to the standard UNE EN 13451-1.

The use of anti-slip membranes is suitable for areas that sliding risk is high, such as in side the basin, as well as in different external parts, preventing falls and injuries on swimmers. It is specially indicated for kinder pools, edge area on recreative pools and the bottoms in pools with lower than 1.50m depth.

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