Nature Collection, by Cefil Pool

During this uncertain and risky period, we turn our gaze to the NATURE, which is the origin and the end of any sign of wildlife. And we do it turning to the occidental thought, when ancient Greeks divided all the known material in four basic elements: WATER-EARTH-FIRE-AIR.

WATER. The first element and elemental for life. Not only every single organism is mainly composed by water, but without it, we could not even exist. Is obviously the most connected element to the swimming pool field, so we are more than glad to present you our GLACIAR model, which brings us to the origin of life in the most primitive form, before the first glaciation and after the conquest by humans of the current world. GLACIAR model presents a printed shape upon snowy white base, unbeatable whiteness by any other producer, having greyish shadows emphasizing the elegance of the design. Very appropriate model for low experienced installers, since the overlap welding method is possible, brings a result of unperceivable welding. Additionally, it has an extraordinary flexibility to adapt to any shape of the pool, resulting on a quick and simple installation.

Glaciar – Nature Collection – Cefil Pool

EARTH. If the expression “have your feet on the ground” is right, is undoubtedly due to the power of the Mother Earth. It is about a state that represents the solidity, something we can touch and see, and also, it refers to the field of agriculture, what feeds us and represents the purest nature. Due to all those reasons, this element is connected to the family, the routine and the conventional. Although we all need emotions,  we do all need this rational behaviour that brings us the stability, and as a consequence we present our TERRA model, the closest to the soil we step. With smooth brown spot printing upon a base of sand colour and anti-slip texture (type C), it connects us with the earth and the current world. The resulting water effect is Caribbean green, incomparable to any other model, and brings us to the idyllic beaches in that part of the ocean.

Terra – Nature Collection – Cefil Pool

FIRE. The fire represents the energy we all have on us, illuminating and intense. This element brings us the opportunity to start again, burning all bad things to revive, as the Phoenix. The importance of fire resides in our spirit, but also on the majesty and brightness. At the same time and as an element, the fire allows us to keep warm and protect ourself from cold. The fire is what permits us the progression to our real being, the most enthusiastic and free. And from the deepest fire of the interior of earth, thrown by volcanos, we present our VULCANO model, a beautiful imitation of ceramic tyles. The greyish tonality combines with different of our Unicolor decorations, avoiding difficult connections between cloths, getting very natural aspect and easy welding. The liquid PVC required is the light grey, and applying on each joint, contributes to a fine visual effect, simulating the mortar between tyles.

Vulcano – Nature Collection – Cefil Pool

AIR. The air is everywhere, what flies upon and below us, that climbs to the sky and gives us life, because air, allow us breathing and living. It is the last of the elements and the one connected to belle arts, poesy, dance or music. The air is the element that provides something necessary and extraordinary such as the beauty. The energy of air is related to all behind the material, to all we can feel through our thoughts. It is the opposite to material and linked intrinsically to the abstract thought. In this way, we present our CICLON model, hurricane winds that removes the past and brings new and clean air. Printed in greyish tonalities, upon light grey base, invokes elegance and simplicity of zen gardens. The smooth texture, together with his own irregular design and water movements brings a relaxing and calm felling to swimmers.

Linked to the same element, we are glad to present the latest model VENTUS, with strong texture and dynamic movements on the printing, increases the water effects of the previous model. its blueish grey tonality simulates a very natural slate, and contributes to a highest elegance and relaxing environment.

Ciclon – Nature Collection – Cefil Pool
Ventus – Nature Collection – Cefil Pool

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