Are you looking for a pool in your rooftop?

Here some tips to have into account in case you are building a pool in your rooftop:

Weight: before decide the size and shape of your swimming pool, it is convenient to contact a professional to check the surface where the pool will be built, to confirm that the building can support the structure of the pool, and specially the volume of the water.

Regarding the structure, we suggest to be as light as possible, such as stainless-steel panel systems. The lightness, resistance and durability of this material makes this technology an appropriate choice.

Nevertheless, if other material such as concrete is chosen, you should ask for a technical study of the building to check compatibility of materials, specially in terms of loads.

Watertightness: the water-tightness is one of the key-factors in a swimming pool, and in this case, is even more crucial to guarantee the waterproofing of the job, since there will be some apartments or flats underneath.

The CEFIL POOL reinforced membrane, is the ideal material to guaranty the waterproofing and water tightness of the swimming pool, leaks and structure cracks. Additionally, it is light and ideal coating to make jobs with difficult access, such us the rooftops. 

Isolation: when we are swimming in a pool, we make noise that can bother our neighbours, and consequently, an elastic suspension that coats the basin (both, bottom and walls) can be suitable.

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