Differences between CEFIL POOL against other waterproofing systems

Human history has always been linked to water. We see how civilizations settled in river banks or near natural harbours. In the case of rivers in the search for water oriented to agricultural prosperity and in the case of natural ports, to be able to trade with the rest of the world.

This union with water, passed from professional to private purposes many centuries ago, first with natural pools and then building them, according to the owner wishes. When particular use, from the beginning it has been necessary to create a watertight place, this being our area of ​​expertise, the waterproofing of swimming pools.

Today pools are structures that can be built buried, semi-buried or above ground, and even with aerial parts thanks to the development of engineering and construction. These are manufactured in different materials, such as concrete, metal or other composites.

This structure must be sealed and there is a wide range on the market for this finality, which includes the solution that we propose from CEFIL POOL, on each of our collections, which are CLASSIC, EXPERIENCE and NATURE.

CEFIL POOL vs other systems


The most popular systems on the market are Mosaic (also known as Gresite or tiles). Although it is true that this material works very well against chemicals, UV radiation and erosion, they can have their main weakness in the joints necessary to seal a swimming pool. All these joints become possible points of water loss, this being the main weakness of this system, since the maintenance, and specially the careful required repairs, which guarantees the necessary tightness.

In addition, we must not forget that the places where swimming pools are installed, due to the weight and volume of the water, must be perfectly consolidated and settled, since there are always movements of the ground as a result of these forces, which can cause cracks or possible points of loss of water.

Finally, the tiles are made by ceramic or vitreous materials, thus having a very smooth surface. As a consequence, they can be slippery, increasing the risk of accident, on the one hand, and in case of broken tiles, cutting pieces can be spread on the basin in the other hand.

It must be mentioned that the colours and effects available on the market are endless, and make the mosaic a very attractive system for the user, since it allows us to carry out almost any possibility that comes up to mind.


In the case of using waterproofing paints, we find some disadvantages such as with mosaic, since they damage easily and periodic sanitation is necessary to have the necessary tightness for a swimming pool.

In any case, the application of these paint is a simple job, since they are carried out by projection or painting, and it does not require excessively specialized work.

Soil settlement and consolidation problems remain since they are applied on concrete or composite surfaces, therefore, the possibility of cracks and breaks due to the weight and volume of water are still to have into account. The alternatives of colors and effects are very limited, since these systems are more common in public or commercial swimming pools, where we find large surfaces and the cost-saving of the application is very important compared to other systems.


In CEFIL POOL we propose a system that avoids the vast majority of the inconveniences generated by more traditional swimming pool systems, being new construction, and even more in case of swimming pool renovations.

Especially when it comes to rigid structures or surfaces, since the lining can be installed upon any surface, concrete, fiber, methacrylate, metal, and so on. Therefore, it is possibly the most versatile solution on the market in terms of waterproofing.

Since the material used for the manufacture is flexible, it absorbs the movements of the structure, so that, in case of cracks it would not be transferred to the lining, and any type of leakage would be avoided.

In any case, in the event of a crack or puncture of the membrane, it could be repaired without the need to empty the pool, therefore, the inconvenience for the user and swimmers is significantly reduced.

The range of products that we propose composed by Unicolor and printed are integrated in our CLASSIC collection, which would simulate de mosaic and flat paints as well.

On the other hand, we have another unique textured range, called EXPERIENCE, which based on our Unicolors and thanks to 3D finishing acts as non-slip, with higher or lower grade, increasing the safety of users and swimmers as well as providing a nice and elegant touch to our pool.

Finally, the NATURE collection, our lattest launch, is based on the elements of nature in order to bring a natural, refined and distinguished environment to customers swimming pool. These, also textured, provide an additional point of safety to swimmers while enjoying a unique atmosphere.

In all our ranges we have anti-slip options (SPOT, TESELA and TERRA), which reduce the risk of falls in the accesses, stairs or entrance ramps.

The key factors of the reinforced membrane are the installation and the water treatment.

To guarantee a perfect installation, CEFIL POOL has a network of installers at the service of our clients, and we also organise periodic trainings in order to keep our network up-to-date with the latest installation techniques (overlap, testa, stairs, curved walls, skimmer, …). You can request a place in the following training.

Regarding the water treatment, we must say that it is probably the key factor together with the installation, since an improper treatment can damage the lining and generate discolorations and wrinkles. In any case, these situations are totally avoidable by following a few small tips and monitoring the water parameters periodically.

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