How to keep your pool like the first day

The result of swimming pool coated with our CEFILPOOL membrane will always be beautiful and charming, having the waterproofing guaranteed for about 10 to 15 years. Nevertheless, we are not only looking for this characteristic, but we wish that the material keeps the same colour we had the first day we launched the pool. Is that possible? Of course, it is! However, we need to make sure an appropriate water treatment during the whole year, including the month on winter, or those while the pool is not being used. It is a key factor the care of a pool coated with membrane, and easy at the same time.


1. Make sure the water chemical balance is regularly checked and avoid the overuse swimming pool water treatment products. LESS IS MORE in most of cases. An appropriate balance of parameter has a significant effect on the coating, as well as on the rest of components of your swimming pool. We suggest to keep the pH between 7.4 and 7.8.  

2. Do not cover the pool immediately after applying chemicals on the swimming pool. We suggest to cover the pool once the water is treated and we make sure the water is balanced before we cover the pool, what means about 24h after the treatment. The swimming pool covers, especially automatic and slats covers, creates a very dark atmosphere avoiding the gas expulsion. As a result, the chlorine concentration can be accumulated in the gap between the water and the cover (in gas state) and a membrane decolouration and/or wrinkles can appear.

3. Make sure the water treatment system is “SWITCHED ON” the necessary time for an appropriate daily water filtration. This would be a key factor to get a proper mix between chemical products used. Depending on the filtration system power and the pool size, few hours will be required to move all the water volume of the pool.

4. Avoid using floating dispenser on membrane coated pools. Due to the water flow, those dispensers can stay static in the same place of the pool, generating high chlorine concentration on the area, creating a risk of decolouration on that place of the membrane. This situation can happen at any time the dispenser is on the pool, even when the filtration system is switched, so we advise against the use of this alternative of water treatment.

5. In case of salt chlorination, make sure the monitoring of the chlorination system. Keep an eye on the pH levels and free chlorine on the water, keeping this last below 2ppm. If this parameter is not controlled, the chlorine levels can turn excessive due to exterior temperature, rainfall, excess of swimmers, etc. High chlorine level MUST be avoided, especially in long periods because this factor can make that the coating absorbs water and creates wrinkles, as well as a loss of colour.


6. Clean the waterline daily. Daily cleaning avoids the dirt on the bottom or the accumulation along the wall of the pool. Leaves and other dirt can cause stain of the do not avoid the accumulation in the coating surface for a long period.

7. Brush walls, stairs and corners twice per week. This habit will contribute to minimize algae proliferation. As a consequence, chlorine will disinfect the algae spilled on the water after the brushing. 

Body lotions, tanning lotions and other beauty products can be accumulated in the water line. Those substances, when exposed to sunlight and high temperatures can tint the vinyl and they turn hard to erase. We recommend a weekly waterline clean with a smooth cloth.

8. Avoid abrasive tools for cleaning, such as steel cloths, stell brushes, scrubbers, etc. We recommend alkaline based cleaning tools over the waterline parts cleaning. The waste of acid-based water treatment products can damage the vinyl and the protecting lacquers, as well as the decoration of the membrane.


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