Install CEFIL POOL at any swimming pool

One of the main advantages that the reinforced membrane offers is the versatility in case of pool renovations, since it can be applied upon any surface such as concrete, metal or other compounds as fiberglass pools.

Of course, in case of new construction, when CEFIL POOL linings are installed, all the job and accessories (skimmer, outlets, inlets, etc.) are the specifically designed for our liner pools. Besides, in case of renovations we must pay special attention to this fact, since the accessories shall be those specifically designed for the system. The use of non-suitable accessories can turn in leaks and imperfection which are not connected with the quality of the membrane.

A critical point on a renovation is the fact that we are applying a new waterproofing system on a pool that it comes from a different waterproofing system, therefore, it is determinant the preparation and smoothing out the surface. The reason is because the imperfection and defects on the basin can be traced on the lining once the pool is filled.

Although it is true that texturized collections (EXPERIENCE and NATURE) can dissimulate better than the CLASSIC Collection, those defects will flourish during the life of our pool.

Consequently, it is mandatory to prepare the surface. In case it is concrete, filling cracks and smoothing out any stain or defect of the previous system (gresite, tyles, …), in case of stell wall pools or fiberglass pools (joint sealing and crack fixing).

Once the preparation and cleaning is done (sweep and vacuum al the perimeter of the basin), we can proceed with the membrane installation. Of course, the result of the installation is directly connected to the skills of the installer.

From CEFIL POOL, we perform different trainings in our premises or even in customers facilities with the aim of certify and train installers within our customer network, so we can guarantee the quality of the jobs. You can ask for a training on the following link:

Finally, once the lining is installed and the pool filled, the user shall pay special attention on the water treatment. Check the following post, where we propose different tips to avoid future problems, so the CEFIL POOL collections will stay a very long time with you:

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So, do not forget to make your dreams came true, we will be more than glad to advice you in CEFIL POOL.

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