New buildings

Thanks to its flexibility, Cefilpool’s armed membrane adapts to every pool imaginable, no matter what shape or size. Its easy installation makes it fit for all surfaces.

The broad variety of designs, colors and textures, as well as its waterproof finish, make it the ideal choice for the construction of new pools.

The properties of our membrane allow the weld between the different sheets to be made by thermo fusion, the result being an absolutely watertight bond.Allowing us to give a 10 year waterproof warranty.

Our membrane is manufactured under the strict regulations of European standard UNE EN 15836-2. Exceeding the most exigent tests.

Assembly steps

Preparación de instalación de lámina PVC
1. Preparation

  • Disinfection of microorganisms in the pool glass.
  • Installation of geotextile felt if necessary.

Instalación de láminas de PVC para piscinas
2. Redesing

It is essential and of extremely important to make an exhaustive calculation of the different dimensions of the pool to perform a perfect work in terms of aesthetics – without bags, wrinkles, etc.- and of course in waterproofing.

Instalación de láminas de PVC para piscinas
3. Mooring

In order to set the CEFIL POOL reinforced liner to the pool, a Cefil Pool laminated metal profile will be installed on the top edge of the vessel.

Instalación de láminas de PVC para piscinas
4. Double Thermofusion

Two parallel thermofusions will be made with a recommended overlap of 5 cms.

Instalación de láminas de PVC para piscinas
5. Stairs, columns

Cefil Pool reinforced membrane fits all shapes and designs.

Instalación de láminas de PVC para piscinas
6. Verification test

Verification of the quality of the thermofusion.

Instalación de láminas de PVC para piscinas
7. Liquide PVC:

The application of the liquid PVC Cefil Pool guarantees a greater sealing performance and aesthetically improves the thermofusion joint.

Instalación de láminas de PVC para piscinas
8. Filled of the swimming pool inmediately.

Make sure your installer is a certified professional.


Cefilpool’s membrane perfectly adapts to every shape and type of surface: cement, tiles, wood, paint, polyester, metal…

It is the ideal system for the refurbishment of our pool, here are some of the reasons:

  • 10 year waterproof warranty.
  • Absence of cutting edges.
  • Clean and fast installation.
  • Beautiful results.
  • No curing time needed, fill up right away.
Rehabilitación de piscinas en Cefil Pool