One of the great advantages offered by the reinforced sheet is its versatility when it comes to renovating pools, since it can be applied to any surface, be it concrete, metal or other compounds such as fiber pools.

Naturally, in the case of a new construction pool, when our reinforced sheet system is installed CEFIL POOL, both the works and the accessories that are installed in the pool shell (Spotlights, Skimmer, Drain, Delivery and suction nozzles...) are those expressly designed for our type of coating. On the contrary, when it comes to a renovation, we must pay special attention that it is suitable for liner pools, since if not, we may find ourselves with sealing problems in these weak points of the pool, and that they have no connection. with the quality of our reinforced sheet.

A critical point during the renovation is that we will apply a new sealing system on a pool that was previously waterproofed with another system, therefore, its smoothing and preparation is decisive. The reason is that all the imperfections and impurities that we have in the glass can trace the selected coating and flourish once we proceed with the filling.

Although it is true that in the textured collections (EXPERIENCE, NATURE AND ONYX) it can be hidden better than in the CLASSIC collection, these imperfections will be with us throughout the life of our pool.

For this reason, it is necessary to sanitize the surface, be it concrete by filling in cracks and smoothing out any debris left over from the previous system (tile, tile,...) whether steel or fiber (sealing and closing joints).

Once the area has been prepared and cleaned (vacuuming and sweeping the entire perimeter), you can proceed with the installation of the sheet, the result of which will naturally depend on the skill of the installer. For this, from CEFIL POOL, we carry out different training both in our facilities and in the homes of our clients with the aim of certifying the installers and thus guaranteeing the quality of the work. You can request it at the following link:

Finally, after the installation and filling of the pool, we have to pay special attention to water treatment, you can visit this other post where we give you some tips so that the reinforced sheet CEFIL POOL accompany you for many years:

Therefore, do not forget to make your dreams come true, from CEFIL POOL We will be happy to advise you.

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