SAFETY in your pool – anti-slip membrane

They are many aspects to consider in case we are installing a pool in our garden. We need to pay attention to size, position, shape, depth or colour of the membrane we are wondering, specially if we are looking for any special water effect. Nevertheless, a key factor we should always mind during the swimming pool conception is the SAFETY.

In order to get a safe swimming pool, we suggest the CEFIL POOL anti-slip reinforced membrane, as we identify it in our product list as SPOT, which is specially designed for the access, stairs or any other risky areas on the pool. Our anti-slip membranes are awarded with the TYPE C grade, having a roughness surface necessary to avoid falls.

Within our membrane range, we have different anti-slip solutions. Our aim has always been to apport a safety solution keeping the design of your pool. Here our anti-slip solution


Unicolor: this range is formed by 9 different flat colours. Every colour has its own anti-slip version, unique patter awarded with the TYPE C grade.

Surface: CEFIL POOL Urdike. Stairs: CEFIL POOL anti-slip INTER

Printed: within our printed range we remark the most popular, MEDITERRANEO. This gresite simulation design has its anti-slip solution. Those printed range are very common to be used with UNICOLOR anti- slip.

CEFIL POOL Nesy. Stairs: CEFIL POOL France anti-slip


Within EXPERIENCE COLLECTION we emphasize in the TESELA range, presenting a 3D print, is awarded with the TYPE C anti-slip grade.

Surface: CEFIL POOL Tesela URDIKE.


Our TERRA model within the NATURE COLLECTION, apart form the design and touch simulating Caribbean beaches sand, is awarded with TYPE C grade, the maximum anti-slip grade according the UNE EN – 13451-1.

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